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Minutes of October 21, 2023


Members Present: Brian VE6LAY, Peter VE6ARI, Barry VE6BGR, Kevin VE6KVV, Stan VE6SYS, Milt VE6MLD, David VE6IRE, Cory VE6CYT, Gary VE6CV, Blair VE6AGH, David VE6DRL, Ron VE6PAP, Wayne VE6WEK

Call to Order: by Peter VE6ARI (acting president), at 9:09 AM.

Motion to adopt previous minutes: by David VE6IRE, and 2nd by Peter VE6ARI.

Treasurer’s Report was provided.

Repeater Committee Report: power is going to stay at 50 watts for now. Repeater is functioning well and using a cw identification every 30 mins. Looking into improvements on this.

Field Day Committee: big thanks to Gary VE6CV for planning this year’s event and Kevin VE6KVV for making signs and putting up the signs.

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets: no reports.

Old Business: on going — looking for Club equipment and generators, 2 found, 1 lost. Barry VE6BGR has a list started.

New Business: looking for help promoting our club.

Communications: Peter VE6ARI looking after Facebook and Website.

Education: Ideas on presentations we can have after club meetings. Blair VE6AGH volunteered to do a talk on antennas.

Basic License Course: who would like to help teach?

Fundraising: Milt VE6MLD suggested we get involved with the casino.

Club Support Group: Gary VE6CV has made a suggestion we help others who need help with towers or other things.

Club Ambassadors: Gary VE6CV suggested we can all promote our club and activities.

Tom VE6ARG (SK): Barry VE6BGR has talked to Maggie and she is not worried about removing the antennas till after winter.

Christmas Get together: looking into

Motion to Adjourn: by Peter VE6ARI at 10:27 AM



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