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ARES Net, Sundays at 9 AM local time on VE6CAM, 146.880 MHz (-)

ROT Net, Tuesdays at 7 PM local time on VE6ROT, 146.790 MHz (-)

CAM Net, Wednesdays at 8 PM local time on VE6CAM, 146.880 MHz (-)

Wires-X Net, Sundays at 7 PM local time on VE6DOK, 442.775 MHz (+) linked with Medicine Hat, on VE6HHO, 146.700 (-)   node: 43172


Tom Buchanan’s (SK) Breakfast Club Net, Saturdays at 9 AM local time, 3.690 MHz

Alberta ARES Net, Sundays at 9 AM local time, 3.750 MHz

Sask. ARES Net, Sundays at 14:30 UTC, 3.753 MHz

(see Regina Amateur Radio Association Website for additional net times)

Canadian Aurora Net, daily at 23:00 UTC, 7.100 MHz; also Sundays at 9:30 PM CST

Alberta Public Service Net, daily at 01:30 UTC, 3.700 MHz

Trans Canada Net, 18:00 UTC on Sundays and most Canadian Statutory Holidays, 14.140 MHz


Local Repeaters

For a complete and current listing of area repeaters, see

147.150+ VE6UP FARS – Foothills Amateur Radio Society
146.880- VE6CAM SAARC – Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club
146.730- VE6EVY Cardston
146.670- VE6BCM Magrath
146.805- VE6BCG Raymond
145.390- VE6HRP Burmis (Currently Off Air)
145.210- VE6AAH Claresholm, Porcupine Hills
146.790- VE6ROT Porcupine Hills
145.170- VE6HRB Nanton
442.075+ VE6DOK WiresX
144.390 VA6YQL APRS



APRS APRS Map VHF Propagation APRS Information


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