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Month: May 2022

Meeting Minutes for May 2022

14 Members present

Call to Order Cory VE6COR

Blair VE6AGH and Peter adopted last meeting minutes

Treasurers report $ 8,942.97 in the bank.Confirmed Tower rent payment was made.

Repeater Committee No report.

Field Day Committee Austin VE6QBD would like help looking for a good place to set up,just off number 4
south of Milk River Call him at Cell 403 647 2200 home 404 647 2410
Blair VE6AGH would like to see people who never participated in field day come and see what its all about.

Discussions on contacts ,conditions and nets. Weekly cam net and echo link # 3316228 is looking for help at 8pm

Old Business NA

New Business NA

Tonights Presentation Was a great discussion on remote and off grid power options including generators and solar panels

Round table:

  • Welcome to new member Tyler VE6TI just found us on the web and joined.Tyler enjoys working CW.
  • Congratulations to Norm VE6NFW for winning the IC 1705 at the Calgary Flea market.working on learning CW and his garden.
  • Stan VE6SYS is going to the Pass and open his cabin Looking forward to field day.
  • Barry VE6BGR Congratulations on becoming the interim president for LSCO lots of HF noise at his place.
  • Blair VE6AGH Working on his vintage radios and working the 7.100 net on 40 meters at 5pm.
  • Peter VA6ARI Works from home has his radio on all day.
  • Cory VE6COR Working on his portable power and loop antenna.
  • Brian VE6LAY Cam net at 9am and 7.100 if conditions let me in lots of noise.
  • Tom B VE6ARG Working on a larger tuner,making a new controller for his hex beam.Designing a 40 meter antenna
    working in the garden .Tom is now the lic. holder for all the LSCO repeaters.And in his spare time
    Toms Notes
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SAARC Meeting for May 13th, 2022 – off grid power and field day antenna discussion

May might be giving us a taste of that wonderful summer weather and with that, the possibility to get outside, fix up those antennas and to plan for activities like Field Day and off grid communications.

Join us to discuss antennas, off grid power options and other gear suitable for making those QSO’s from the field. Cory – VE6COR will be discussing his research into solar options for running his HF station either full off grid power for emergency communications or for Field Day and Camping amateur radio activity.

We will be meeting Friday, May 13th, 2022 at 8:00 PM on Zoom:

Click this Zoom link: to join.

Hope to see you all there.



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Meeting Minutes for April 2022

Meeting minutes for April 8, 2022:

9 members present

Call to order: Cory VE6COR at 8:11 pm.

Treasurers Report:  $8,917.97 in the bank.

Repeater Committee: Site looked over, solar panels are clean and batteries tested and filled.

Field Day: plans are being made.


Round Table:

Blair VE6AGH – Got news a radio club in the U.S. had lots of their funds stolen. Going to flea market.

Renze VE6DC – Joined West Coast contest on 15 meters. His 80 meter antenna is damaged. Will be working on it this weekend.

Stan VE6SYS  – Just back from Yuma. Will be going to flea market.

Barry VE6BGR  – Still doing inventory. Making plans for the communications trailer.

Tom M. VE6TRM – Stuck at home for 2 weeks. Got Covid after he returned home from Egypt.

Norm VE6NFW  – High winds damaged his antenna. Going to flea market, and working on old trunk.

Cory VE6COR – Working on making contacts, 20 watts on 10 meters using a loop antenna.

Tom B VE6ARG – Doing an article on making antennas.


Motion to adjourn: Brian VE6LAY at 8:50 pm.

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