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November 18 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Louise VE6YOY, Roy VE6AWT, Wayne VE6WEK, Pam, Penny VA6PJK, Austin VE6QBD, Renze VE6DC, David VA6IRE, Kevin VE6KVV, David VE6DRL, Terry VA6TMA, Barry VE6BGR, Cory VE6CYT, Steve VE6SCL, Gary VE6CV, Peter VA6ARI, Brian VE6LAY

Call To Order: Peter VA6ARI at 10:12am

Motion To Approve October 21 Minutes: Steve VE6SCL, 2nd Cory VE6CYT

Treasurer’s Report: Barry VE6BGR, 4 new members

Repeater Committee: Having issues in windy conditions. Cory VE6CYT and Barry VE6BGR are looking into it. Gary VE6CV is looking into better batteries for the repeater. Cory VE6CYT has been looking into getting a repeater controller:

  • Arcom RC210 can control up to 3 repeaters, price is around $500.00 Canadian
  • Audio Test Solutions RLC-4 controller is around $1,406.00 Canadian
  • Audio Test Solutions RLC-1 controller is around $795.00 Canadian

The repeater committee will look into the best controller for our needs and provide more information.

Field Day Committee: Plan to hold field day June 22-23, 2024 in the same place as last year. Help is welcomed.

Old Business: Still looking for help to

  • Teach Basic license class
  • Promotion and Communications
  • Service Support Group
  • Elmer support

Flea market now online.

New Business: Club members are encouraged to join RAC membership which will help with our insurance rates. RAC is the voice of Canadian Amateurs at all levels of government and represents their interests.

Cory VE6CYT is teaching a CW course.

Gary VE6CV suggested we look into YMCA sponsorship.

Motion To Adjourn: Kevin VE6KVV 11:45 am


Presentation: by Martin VE6VH

Welcome To New Dawn In Amateur Radio

AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network. To provide the amateur radio community with a quality solution for supporting the needs of high speed data in the amateur radio and emergency communications field.

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  1. Multi Duquette Multi Duquette

    I use an Arcom RC210 with one repeater on port, link vhf radio to W7Swt sweetgrass port 2 and kelp 1101 node on port 3
    I set the set points to turn the links at certain times and same for when done lots you do with it too like 3 repeaters

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