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Month: November 2021

Minutes for Nov 12, 2021

Members present:

    Blair VE6AGH
  1. Karl student
  2. Brian VE6LAY
  3. Robert student
  4. Tom B VE6ARG
  5. Cory VE6COR
  6. Austin VE6QBD
  7. Milt VE6MLD
  8. Norm VE6NFW
  9. Tom M VE6TRM
  10. Gary VE6MU

Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:03

Motion to adopt previous minutes: Tom B VE6ARG

Treasurer’s Report: $ 9,029.81 in the Bank

Repeater Committee: Thanks to Norm VE6NFW and Brian VE6LAY for filling the battery’s and cleaning the solar panels.

Field Day Committee: N/A

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets: N/A

Old Business: N/A

New Business: Austin VE6QBD has agreed to put the club repeater in his name.

2nd Item we need to find a new web site .Cory VE6COR will look into it and get prices.

Motion to proceed Tom B VE6ARG 2nd Brian VE6LAY

3rd Christmas plans Tom M VE6TRM will look into hall prices in Raymond

Round Table: Robert Went to the Edmonton Space and science Center they had
A radio scanner set up and he could listen to local repeaters,sparked his interest
In Ham Radio. Likes the Social Connection with other Hams.
Milt VE6MLD got a A1 -811 Linear Amplifier hopes to get better results working
On nets and down south.
Cory VE6COR Is installing a Python water fall display to show signal strength
Interface with tone receiver.
Austin VE6QBD Working on getting his general class usa ham license back.
Want to get a higher antenna up so he can hit more repeaters.
Brian VE6LAY on my 2 meter mobile and tries to get on the BC 7.100 net in the
Norm VE6NFW Got into radio after watching his dad making contacts with old
tank Radio equipment and CB radios.
Gary VE6MU Got his ham license 1962 His best home made radio antenna was
Made using 3 22ft sections of pipe and moving the up or down using air later
Water he pulled it down and moved to Calgary , Before he could put it up it
Went Missing.
Karl working on getting his ham license just dug a 4ft hole for his antenna plans
To use a inverted V with a ic 775
Tom B VE6ARG Just got a new IC 7610 all mode Transceiver . Just repaired a
Transceiver that used to much power to tune up reminded us to use only low
Power 10 or 15 WATS. Still working on making his blog

Motion to Adjourn: Cory VE6COR 8:56

Presentation: N/A

Next meeting, Dec 10/21

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