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Month: October 2023

Minutes of October 21, 2023


Members Present: Brian VE6LAY, Peter VE6ARI, Barry VE6BGR, Kevin VE6KVV, Stan VE6SYS, Milt VE6MLD, David VE6IRE, Cory VE6CYT, Gary VE6CV, Blair VE6AGH, David VE6DRL, Ron VE6PAP, Wayne VE6WEK

Call to Order: by Peter VE6ARI (acting president), at 9:09 AM.

Motion to adopt previous minutes: by David VE6IRE, and 2nd by Peter VE6ARI.

Treasurer’s Report was provided.

Repeater Committee Report: power is going to stay at 50 watts for now. Repeater is functioning well and using a cw identification every 30 mins. Looking into improvements on this.

Field Day Committee: big thanks to Gary VE6CV for planning this year’s event and Kevin VE6KVV for making signs and putting up the signs.

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets: no reports.

Old Business: on going — looking for Club equipment and generators, 2 found, 1 lost. Barry VE6BGR has a list started.

New Business: looking for help promoting our club.

Communications: Peter VE6ARI looking after Facebook and Website.

Education: Ideas on presentations we can have after club meetings. Blair VE6AGH volunteered to do a talk on antennas.

Basic License Course: who would like to help teach?

Fundraising: Milt VE6MLD suggested we get involved with the casino.

Club Support Group: Gary VE6CV has made a suggestion we help others who need help with towers or other things.

Club Ambassadors: Gary VE6CV suggested we can all promote our club and activities.

Tom VE6ARG (SK): Barry VE6BGR has talked to Maggie and she is not worried about removing the antennas till after winter.

Christmas Get together: looking into

Motion to Adjourn: by Peter VE6ARI at 10:27 AM



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SAARC Meeting, 9 am, October 21, 2023

The next meeting of the Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club will be:

9 am, October 21, 2023

YMCA, 74 Mauretania Rd W, Lethbridge, AB  T1J 5L4

Room MPR2 (on the left side opposite Jugo Juice)

Park in the south parking lot and enter at the entrance on the East side of the building. Gary VE6CV will be directing traffic to the meeting room. See you all there.

Where to park and entrance.

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