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Month: February 2022

Meeting Minutes for February

Minutes of February 11 2022


Members present: Brian VE6LAY Tom B VE6ARG Rob Cookson


Cory VE6COR Norm VE6NFW Renze VE6DC



Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:05


Motion to adopt previous minutes: Tom B VE6ARG


Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Repeater Committee: Brian will check battery’s weather permitting.


Field Day Committee: Meeting will be announced to form a committee .

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets:


Old Business: Barry VE6BGR and Blair VE6AGH are selling silent Key

Equipment and parts give them a call if your looking for something

Cory VE6COR has a new web site for the club


New Business: Presentations are being planned if you would like to do a Presentation

Or like to see one on a specific subject


Round Table: Barry VE6BGR spent days trying to track down antenna noise

Interference ,finds out the antenna was placed over the mechanical



Milt VE6MLD Made a radio in a portable case using a Hustler

Mobile antenna.


Brian VE6LAY calls in to net 7.100 when I can and Sundays cam


Norm VE6NFW Reorganizing his shack 12 volt lights learning CW

Renze VE6DC Has 3 monitors on receive. Will be redoing his shack.



Cory VE6COR trying a new app he found for repeater information.

Tom VE6TOM Welcome back to the club. Got his ham lic. In 1981

Plans to pick up a IC 7300 and relearn CW. Enjoys

FD8 make a Brazilian and Winnipeg contact today.

Tom B VE6ARG Working on his blog .


Motion to Adjourn: 9:46


Presentation: N/A



Next meeting, Mar 11th 2022


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February Meeting for the SAARC

The next monthly meeting of the SAARC will be held on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 8:00 PM.


Come out and let us know what sort of things you would like to see happen this year. We plan to coordinate activities and set club priorities for 2022, so if you have a great idea about something that you want to happen, please come out and let us know! Let us make this year a success!


The meeting will be held on Zoom at:


Meeting ID: 850 8434 4187

Passcode: 040988


Looking forward to seeing you all there.



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