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Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting, April 1, 2023

Members Present:

Brian VE6LAY, Barry VE6BGR, Norm VE6NFW, Les VE6GNX, Cory VE6CYT, Wayne VE6WEK, Tom VE6TRM, Jen VA6ACD, Peter VA6ARI, Steve VE6SCL, Stan VE6SYS, Kalvin VE6KRO, David VA6IRE, Gary VE6CV, Austin VE6QBD, Blair VE6AGH, Clinton VE6CWB, Cory VE6COR

Call to order: Cory VE6COR at 9:40 am

Motion to dissolve 2022 executive: 1st Barry VE6BGR, 2nd Peter VA6ARI, passed.

Blair VE6AGH asked to run nominations for 2023 executive, accepted.

Nominations for president: Cory VE6COR unopposed is 2023 president.

Nominations for vice president: Peter VA6ARI unopposed is 2023 vice president.

Nominations for treasurer: Tom VE6TRM and Barry VE6BGR put to a vote via ballots, Barry VE6BG is 2023 treasurer.

Nominations for secretary: Brian VE6LAY unopposed is 2023 secretary

Club directors:

  • Renze VE6DC unopposed.
  • Norm VE6NFW unopposed.
  • Gary VE6CV unopposed.

Motion to destroy ballots: 1st Blair VE6AGH, 2nd Austin VE6QBD, motion passed.

Congratulations to the newly elected committee for 2023!

Field Day

Will be at the Fort Macleod Lion’s Campground, 4 km north of Fort Macleod on highway 811.

Noon Saturday June 24 to noon Sunday, June 25

Bring a handheld radio

Some plans:

  • having pizza delivered Saturday night.
  • having club t-shirts made.

Gary VE6CV is looking for help with door prizes.

Motion to adjourn: Austin VE6QBD at 10:19 am.


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