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Meeting Minutes for January 2022

Minutes of January 14  2022


Members present: Brian VE6LAY  Tom B VE6ARG  Pete VA6ARI

                                Milt  VE6MLD  Tom M VE6TRM  Angel  Tony VE6ABO

                                Barry VE6NFW  Perry VE6NX  Blair VE6AGH 

                                Cory VE6COR  Norm VE6NFW  Renze VE6DC

                                 Paul VE6ADJ


Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:09


Motion to adopt previous minutes: Blair VE6AGH


Treasurer’s Report: We have $8,883.07 in the bank


Repeater Committee: N/A


Field Day Committee: N/A


Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets:  With 111 sun spots 17 meters was 



Old Business:


New Business: Cory VE6COR has our insurance all filed out bill sent to the treasurer

                            To have payment made.

                            Cory VE6COR has a new web site for the club


Annual dues increased to $25.00 due to increased operating costs.


Round Table:  Barry VE6BGR and Blair VE6AGH are selling silent Key

                          Equipment and parts give them a call if your looking for something


                          Tom VE6ARG Is resigning from all club activities, will help were

                           He can .Working on a Delta loop and other equipment. 


                          Peter VA6ARI Is working on his ladder line getting it away from

                           The house .With 111 sun spots 17 meters was open


                          Melt VE6MLD Getting a new mike for remote operations


                          Brian VE6LAY calls in to net 7.100 when I can and Sundays cam


                         Tom VE6TRM  calls in on nets and host Cam net time to time


                         Norm VE6NFW Works nets when he can


                         Tony VE6ABO Helping son with a new engine. Fixing his Dipole.


                          Blair VE6AGH  Hope he can get his antenna fixed before the warm

                          Weather hits. Baler twine for supports.


                        Renze VE6DC Needs to pull his tower down for repairs .Work keeps

                        Him busy for now no time to work on his tower.


                        Perry VE6NX lost his Audio when he was trying to talk to us.


                        Cory VE6COR  Working with Python and modifying tripod.




Motion to Adjourn: 9:30


Next meeting, Feb 11/22


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