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SAARC Meeting – Friday December 9th.

As 2022 comes to a close, the SAARC will hold a final meeting to wrap up this year and prepare for 2023.

Come out to tell us how the start of winter has been treating you, and most certainly, what sort of radio activity you might have been up to.

The meeting will be held on Friday, December 9th at 8:15 PM.

The meeting will be held on Zoom:″ to join.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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SAARC Field Day Event 2022

Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club – Field Day 2022

The Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) will be participating in the ARRL Field Day 2022 event on Saturday June 25th.

Setup will begin on Friday June 24th at noon and the contest will be concluded by noon on Sunday June 26th.

With the generous offer of Austin VE6QBD and his wife Pam, any interested in attending Field Day, or anyone who is interested in learning more about amateur radio and experiencing what an emergency communications station is all about is welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending, space will be available for camping at the site. Those wishing to come out for a day trip are also welcome any time they wish.

Please be sure to bring anything which you might require to be self-sufficient during the duration of your attendance such as your food, water and shelter and of course, your radio equipment! Please also make sure that you have sufficient power to run your station and anything else which you require. Portable washroom facilities will be provided on site. If you require special accommodations, please plan accordingly. Please remember that this is actual emergency preparedness.

The SAARC will be providing one dinner on Saturday night. As such, we ask that you inform us at least one week before the event of your attendance either by E-mailing us at or by calling or texting 403-647-2200 or the land line at 403-647-2410 so that Austin and Pam can plan to adequately provide for everyone.

The site is about 2 miles south of the Town of Milk River, on the East side of Highway 4.

Please follow the following directions which Austin has provided>

Access from the highway is opposite the intersection of Highway 501 (which
heads to Del Bonita and Cardston). If coming down from the Lethbridge
area, South past Milk River, turn left at the intersection so as to get on to the dirt road that parallels the highway on the East.

Once on the dirt road, turn left (~ North) and travel 150 (?) meters or so, keeping an eye on our fence on your passenger side, which you will already be following.

First entrance to the property is on your passenger side, and then across a Texas Gate.

Our drive way is somewhat raised from the fields on both sides, and to get to our North field then spot the most level spot you can find and turn into the field there. [The most level spots are mostly at the beginning of the drive way.]

Travel parallel to the drive way for a little bit until you approach a fence and can go no further, and then turn left (~North).

Continuing with the fence on your right, you will soon see some of the neighbor’s hay bales just on the other side of the North fence.

In the corner where our N-S fence meets his, is the gate which one can see in the picture. As you approach that point and look just past his fence you will see some hay bales which he has for his cattle.

I am thinking that most people may park directly facing into the north fence. but keeping the gate area well clear.

The plan is that the field accessed by the gate there will the the main place to set up some antennas. If necessary, vehicles may travel into that field.

The address is: 22029 Highway 4 – SE 15-2-16-W4.

We look forward to Field Day 2022!


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SAARC Meeting Friday June 10th, 2022 – Field Day!

The ARRL Field Day is right around the corner, on Saturday June 25th, and Austin VE6QBD and Pam have graciously stepped forward to host Field Day for the SAARC this year on their farm. A separate news post will be sent out with directions on how to find the location soon, however on Friday, June 10th at 8:15 PM the SAARC will meet to discuss the final Field Day arrangements.

Additionally, in continuation of the last discussion topic in May, we will be discussing portable antenna operations and various types of Antennas one might use for a Field Day event, as there are many options available, both commercial and home brew.

The meeting will be held on Zoom: to join.

Hope to see you all there.


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Meeting Minutes for April 2022

Meeting minutes for April 8, 2022:

9 members present

Call to order: Cory VE6COR at 8:11 pm.

Treasurers Report:  $8,917.97 in the bank.

Repeater Committee: Site looked over, solar panels are clean and batteries tested and filled.

Field Day: plans are being made.


Round Table:

Blair VE6AGH – Got news a radio club in the U.S. had lots of their funds stolen. Going to flea market.

Renze VE6DC – Joined West Coast contest on 15 meters. His 80 meter antenna is damaged. Will be working on it this weekend.

Stan VE6SYS  – Just back from Yuma. Will be going to flea market.

Barry VE6BGR  – Still doing inventory. Making plans for the communications trailer.

Tom M. VE6TRM – Stuck at home for 2 weeks. Got Covid after he returned home from Egypt.

Norm VE6NFW  – High winds damaged his antenna. Going to flea market, and working on old trunk.

Cory VE6COR – Working on making contacts, 20 watts on 10 meters using a loop antenna.

Tom B VE6ARG – Doing an article on making antennas.


Motion to adjourn: Brian VE6LAY at 8:50 pm.

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SAARC Meeting April 8, Spring Q and A

Spring is finally here, and the warmer weather is right around the corner.

Should you have any questions about getting your gear ready for the spring and summer months, want to talk about the up-coming Calgary flea market on April 9th, or just talk radio in general, come join us at 8:00 PM, April 8th on Zoom at this link:

Looking forward to seeing you all there.



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Meeting Minutes for March, 2022

Minutes of March 11/22

Members present: Brian VE6LAY Tom B VE6ARG Cory VE6COR

Barry VE6BGR Norm VE6NFW Renza VE6DC

Cory VE6CYT Tony VE6ABO Wayne VE6WEK

Tom M VE6TRM Peter VA6ARI Quest Ed


Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:06


Motion to adopt previous minutes: Tom VE6ARG Brian VE6LAY


Treasurer’s Report: Happy with e transfers have 30 paid members $8,852.97 in bank


Repeater Committee: N/A


Field Day Committee: N/A


Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets: N/A


Old Business: N/A


New Business: Barry VE6BGR is gathering information for the Emergency communication group.

Calgary Amateur Radio Association flea market

Calendar Event:

Date: 2022 April 9, Saturday

Eastside City Church, 1320 Abbeydale Drive SE, Calgary.



Questions and Answer session

Ways to help in emergency situations

How to find unwanted noise sources

Windmills noise

How to learn CW


Round Table:

Motion to Adjourn: Cory VE6COR 9:38


Presentation: N/A


Next meeting,Friday, April 8, 2022.

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SAARC Meeting for March, Amateur Q and A

The Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club would like to welcome any club member, licensed amateur radio operator or anyone else curious about amateur radio to join this Q and A session, to be held on Friday, March 11 at 8:00 PM.

Bring your questions to our Zoom meeting by clicking and we will do our best collectively to answer them!

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Meeting Minutes for February

Minutes of February 11 2022


Members present: Brian VE6LAY Tom B VE6ARG Rob Cookson


Cory VE6COR Norm VE6NFW Renze VE6DC



Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:05


Motion to adopt previous minutes: Tom B VE6ARG


Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Repeater Committee: Brian will check battery’s weather permitting.


Field Day Committee: Meeting will be announced to form a committee .

Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets:


Old Business: Barry VE6BGR and Blair VE6AGH are selling silent Key

Equipment and parts give them a call if your looking for something

Cory VE6COR has a new web site for the club


New Business: Presentations are being planned if you would like to do a Presentation

Or like to see one on a specific subject


Round Table: Barry VE6BGR spent days trying to track down antenna noise

Interference ,finds out the antenna was placed over the mechanical



Milt VE6MLD Made a radio in a portable case using a Hustler

Mobile antenna.


Brian VE6LAY calls in to net 7.100 when I can and Sundays cam


Norm VE6NFW Reorganizing his shack 12 volt lights learning CW

Renze VE6DC Has 3 monitors on receive. Will be redoing his shack.



Cory VE6COR trying a new app he found for repeater information.

Tom VE6TOM Welcome back to the club. Got his ham lic. In 1981

Plans to pick up a IC 7300 and relearn CW. Enjoys

FD8 make a Brazilian and Winnipeg contact today.

Tom B VE6ARG Working on his blog .


Motion to Adjourn: 9:46


Presentation: N/A



Next meeting, Mar 11th 2022


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