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May 13, 2023 Meeting Minutes – CAM Field Trip

Members present:

  • Brian VE6LAY, Steven VE6SCL, Cory VE6COR, Gary VE6CV, Tom VE6TRM, Cory VE6CYT, Peter VA6ARI, Geoff VA6SX, Penny VA6PJK, Barry VE6BGR, Dave VA6IRE.
  • We have 15 members in good standing.

Called to order 10:06 am

Motion to accept last minutes: Tom VE6TRM

New business:

  • Peter has set up a Facebook SAARC account and is working on putting club information up. He is also working on a membership list.
  • Gary VE6CV made a motion to set up a task force to locate SAARC equipment and make a list. Motion passed.

Field day Jun. 24th and 25th

  • Will be a camping event north of Fort Macleod on Hwy 811 “Fort Macleod Lions Club Campground.”
  • Gary VE6CV so far has 12 campsites booked.
  • The events will start with a small service for Tom VE6ARG (silent key).
  • If you have a hand held will help with communications.
  • Will be members using solar and generators.
  • Pizza delivery Saturday.
  • Gary has talked to https://fort-macleod-pizza about having pizza delivered to the campground and they are happy to help out. Members who wish to have Pizza can call Fort Macleod Pizza (403) 5533131 place and pay for your order, and tell them its for the SAARC at the campgrounds. We will tell them to plan for a 6 to 6:30 delivery.
  • Pancakes will be on Sunday morning.

CAM Repeater Field Trip: June 3/23, 11:00 am

  • Some members wished to see the repeater.
  • We will be meeting just north of Barons on Hwy 23, turn right on Township Rd 12-4 (50.018836 -113.120846).
  • Brian VE6LAY will be in a blue Ford Taurus. His phone number is (403) 632-5127 and he will be on 146.880 club frequency.
  • We will wait till 11:15 am and then head to the tower location.

Motion to end the meeting: 11:00 am Barry VE6BGR


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