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Meeting Minutes for April 2022

Meeting minutes for April 8, 2022:

9 members present

Call to order: Cory VE6COR at 8:11 pm.

Treasurers Report:  $8,917.97 in the bank.

Repeater Committee: Site looked over, solar panels are clean and batteries tested and filled.

Field Day: plans are being made.


Round Table:

Blair VE6AGH – Got news a radio club in the U.S. had lots of their funds stolen. Going to flea market.

Renze VE6DC – Joined West Coast contest on 15 meters. His 80 meter antenna is damaged. Will be working on it this weekend.

Stan VE6SYS  – Just back from Yuma. Will be going to flea market.

Barry VE6BGR  – Still doing inventory. Making plans for the communications trailer.

Tom M. VE6TRM – Stuck at home for 2 weeks. Got Covid after he returned home from Egypt.

Norm VE6NFW  – High winds damaged his antenna. Going to flea market, and working on old trunk.

Cory VE6COR – Working on making contacts, 20 watts on 10 meters using a loop antenna.

Tom B VE6ARG – Doing an article on making antennas.


Motion to adjourn: Brian VE6LAY at 8:50 pm.

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