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Meeting Minutes for March, 2022

Minutes of March 11/22

Members present: Brian VE6LAY Tom B VE6ARG Cory VE6COR

Barry VE6BGR Norm VE6NFW Renza VE6DC

Cory VE6CYT Tony VE6ABO Wayne VE6WEK

Tom M VE6TRM Peter VA6ARI Quest Ed


Call to Order: Cory VE6COR 8:06


Motion to adopt previous minutes: Tom VE6ARG Brian VE6LAY


Treasurer’s Report: Happy with e transfers have 30 paid members $8,852.97 in bank


Repeater Committee: N/A


Field Day Committee: N/A


Discussion on Contacts, Conditions and Nets: N/A


Old Business: N/A


New Business: Barry VE6BGR is gathering information for the Emergency communication group.

Calgary Amateur Radio Association flea market

Calendar Event:

Date: 2022 April 9, Saturday

Eastside City Church, 1320 Abbeydale Drive SE, Calgary.



Questions and Answer session

Ways to help in emergency situations

How to find unwanted noise sources

Windmills noise

How to learn CW


Round Table:

Motion to Adjourn: Cory VE6COR 9:38


Presentation: N/A


Next meeting,Friday, April 8, 2022.

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