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Field Day 2018


 Wow, what a weekend. Field Day 2018 was a huge success and we had a great weekend from Friday night till Sunday at noon.  Conditions were not too bad with signals a bit weak, but it all worked out to give us 226 contacts on all bands except 160m, 2m and 70cm.  All the other bands were good with 40 and 20 being the most active.


We held Field Day 2018 at Renze's VE6DC property and were completely off the grid.  I have to admit that being out there in the hinterlands with quiet conditions certainly could spoil a guy used to the interference ridden conditions in the city.  The maximum noise level was S1 on all bands and the airwaves sounded almost transparent.  What a great location.





















So many of us arrived on Friday night and setup the brand new shelter with two tables back to back with room enough for four stations but we only setup three.  The antennas were one G5RV at 30' and a set of dipoles for 40m and 20m at 36'.  The G5RV was setup north-south and the dipoles were oriented east-west.  We also had a 20m - 10m no radial vertical thanks to Perry VE6NX.  Everything was fed with RG8X and it all worked very well.






















Two of the stations were Icom IC-7300's with external antenna tuners but the radio's internal tuners were mostly used and worked well.  We operated exclusively SSB on all bands.  We were even able to work some 6m contacts off the G5RV.  Cory VE6COR brought his new Kenwood TS-590SG Special that was fitted with a voice system and he also brought a brand new magnetic loop and it was used a little bit, but was a bit cumbersome to tune effectively for this type of an event.


So the operators were Geoff, VE6LSX, Cory VE6COR, Tom VE6TRM, Justin, VE6JRD, Tom Sr. VE6ARG, Tony VE6ABO and Terry VE6TMA.  As well we had Blair VE6AGH, Ron VE6SCH, Roy VE6AWT and Louise VE6YOY. And of course we had Renze VE6DC and Annetta donate the field day site.  Oops, I better not forget Maggie who kept us fed and watered during the event too.






















On Saturday night, Roy and Louise provided an amazing feast for a lot of hungry people and nobody went away hungry, that's for sure.  Thanks you guys once again for doing that.


The weather was a mixed bag but mostly sunny and warm.  However on Saturday afternoon we got hit with a huge thunderstorm and showers.  Nothing got wet except the players and we just kept on operating through the storm.  The new shelter worked exactly as was planned and no equipment got wet.


Next year we will be even better prepared than this year and we look forward to a lot more participation next year too.  A hearty thanks to everyone that participated and supplied equipment and food and see you again next year for Field Day 2019.



What's Happening These Days
 Welcome to the Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) We're an organization of people that provide entertainment and education for Amateur Radio operators who are members of our club and the ham population at large in our region of the province. We’re located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada along the Old Man River near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our club operates the VE6CAM repeater on 146.88 Mhz which provides coverage throughout our region on two meters. Our club has been in operation for many decades and has been the home of amateur radio in this region for hundreds of dedicated ham operators over that time. Join us for our regular meeting and the many events that we host throughout the year. Our dues for joining our club are very reasonable and well worth the small investment. From time to time notices and news will be shared by e-mail as well and please remember that you are not obligated to receive anything from us and if you wish not to, send us a note and we will take you off our list. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often and point others to us too. 73

Our next meeting is being held on July 9th, 2018 at 7:30 PM.  We will be meeting at 444 5th Ave. S. in Lethbridge.

Did you know...


That many of us have been meeting for breakfast every Saturday morning?  This has become the event to attend and we are not only enjoying the nonsense that hams usually get up to, but we are also able to have a great meal for a great price and unlimited coffee as well.  Come on out and join us at our new place at the Mediterranean Mazza Bar in the Paramount building in downtown Lethbridge for a some good fun. We meet at 9:00am on Saturday mornings.


See you there...



Upcoming Events:


The Glacier Waterton Hamfest is happening on the third weekend of July 2018 in the East Glacier campground.  This is the 84th year of this hamfest, the longest running one in North America.  It is held at the Glacier Meadows RV Park just west of East Glacier.  This is an international hamfest that you need to get to at least once in your lifetime as a ham.  Lasting friendships are created with fellow hams from all over Alberta, BC and the northwestern US.  Hope you get a chance to attend.  There are events, fleamarket, tailgating and even a sing along around the campfire.

Upcoming Courses in Amateur Radio


Are you interested in becoming an amateur radio operator?  We teach two courses in our club both the Basic and Advanced and we will be doing that again this fall for those of you that want to take a course to get your Certificate of Qualification.  We will be running both courses in the late fall.


The Basic course will be run beginning in the last week of October and running through to the middle of January when the exam will be written.


The Advanced course will begin one week later and will run till we have finished all of the material and you feel comfortable with writing the exam.


Both courses will be held at Tom VE6ARG QTH where you will get a chance to see a well equipped station in operation.  Tom has a fully equipped shop as well and can demonstrate equipment and concepts with it.

Summer is a Great Time for:

1. Building new antennas

2. Repairing antennas and other stuff outside

3. Visiting with other hams

4. Designing that new antenna farm

5. Helping others with their projects

6. Camping with the family

7. Climbing a mountain and working QRP

8. Going for breakfast on Saturday mornings

9. Trying out that new portable antenna

10. Being a ham and helping others whenever you can

11. Going to the Hamfest in East Glacier

12. Going to the cornroast on September 1st.

See you all there...



If you want some entertainment, read the rant by our resident curmudgeon Rob McMillan called

Power over Signal Strength

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